About Us

Kingdom Seekers College

Kingdom Seekers College is Accredited with the Commission of University Education (CUE) Re. No. TVETA/
ASS/7/185. We are also affiliated to Team Impact Christian University, USA which is accredited with Worldwide
Accreditation Commission of Christian Education Commission Institution (WWAC). We majorly implement TICU Curriculum which is highly sought after world-wide and have been successfully implemented in countries all over the world.

Our Vision

To prepare the Church to regain Authority, Rulership and fellowship that she lost since creation.


Kingdom Seekers college Seeks to Train, Equip and Commission Biblically and professionally sound Leaders, founded on truth, excellence and true leadership, rounded on
Holistic living in the generation for the glory of God.


The Study Programme is Degree focused and is convenient to that very busy student. The cost is pocket friendly during this Economic crisis time.


We Admit Students who are in Leadership positions and those aspiring to be Leaders. They must be
able to communicate in English, previous study and experience in Ministry are Factors considered
to vet one in order to place them on their deserved level. They can build from Certificate Level and
Proceed to Doctorate Degree. KSC admits students from all denominations and all walks of life at
any time of the year.


Our Classes run at least one day in a month per course equivalent to 8 ours of tutorial time and 58
hours left for the students to do personal study, research and tests, which are in the manuals. One
can join in Learning any time of the year without any problem at all. Extra research from libraries is
done by the student but a piece of advise can be sought from our Tutorial desk.